Questrade affiliate program
What is the Questrade affiliate program

It’s simple. Promote Questrade to your clients, online audience, or anyone who would benefit from what Canada’s fastest growing online brokerage has to offer. When a new account is opened and the referred client starts trading, you get paid for your referral. Told you it was simple.

When it comes to getting paid, choose the compensation plan that’s right for you
  1. With our cost per acquisition (CPA) model, you receive $70 cash for every referred client.

  2. With our revenue share plan (RSP) model, you receive 7.5% from every trade commission generated.

  3. No matter which plan you choose, if you refer a professionally managed account, you will receive 7.5% of the monthly management fee.

Plus: as a Questrade affiliate, every new client referred by you who opens a self-directed account will receive a special offer when they open their account: $50 in commission free trades. If the person you refer opens a professionally managed account they will be given their first month free.

* Custom affiliate agreements can be arranged at the sole discretion of Questrade.

Sub-affiliate program

Earn unlimited dividends by referring new affiliates to the program. When you recommend a business or a person to partner with us as a sub-affiliate, you will earn $10 for every account that they refer, should they select the CPA program.

Referring an affiliate on the revenue sharing plan means that you receive 1.5% of commission generated per trade made by your sub-affiliate’s referral with no limit. 

If you refer 10 clients under the CPA program, you will earn $700. However, if you have 10 sub-affiliates who refer 10 qualified clients each, that’s $1000 that you have earned based on their efforts alone. Now imagine if you have 100 sub-affiliates! Since the sub-affiliate referral program has no earning cap, think about the earning potential.

What's new with the Questrade affiliate program
  • Portfolio IQ Affiliate Pricing Plan Update

    Dear affiliates,

    We wanted to let you know we have updated the affiliate program to support Questrade's Portfolio IQ®. Now, when you refer someone who opens and funds a Portfolio IQ® account, you will receive 7.5% of the revenue generated by your referrals.

    If you have questions or want more details about what's new with the affiliate program, please contact us at

  • Mutual fund portfolios are worth more at Questrade

    Every year, banks, brokers, and financial advisors take a cut of their clients' mutual funds, calling it a trailer fee. Typical.

    We believe that investors deserve to get that money back. Help your readers and viewers put their money back in their pockets with Mutual Fund Maximizer®, a service that rebates trailer fees.

    Mutual Fund Maximizer reimburses trailer fees directly to our clients*. It improves the potential for a portfolio's year-over-year growth through compound investing. There's no need to register; rebates will be applied automatically.

    To help you promote our campaign on your site, we've created new banners for Mutual Fund Maximizer (available in the  affiliate portal).

    If you need any more information about Mutual Fund Maximizer to include in blogs or articles, you can find it here.

    Have questions or comments about Mutual Fund Maximizer? Contact us at

  • You've got options

    Give your investments some legs. 17 of them to be exact.

    Questrade now offers 17 pre-defined multi-leg option strategies, such as collars, calendars, straddles and strangles. Want something more exotic? Create a custom strategy with up to four legs. All are available in our Questrade IQ trading platforms.

    What are multi-leg option strategies?

    Option traders with a more advanced approach to the markets can use multi-leg strategies to simultaneously buy or sell a series of orders with only one commission (plus legs). They can be used to take advantage of increased leverage, speculate on future price movements, to earn income, to hedge a position (or an entire portfolio), or to lower the cost of purchasing a security.

    For a comprehensive list of all available strategies, go to IQ news, and you can visit help and how to for more information.

    To help you maximize your referral success, we've created new multi-leg option banners, which are accessible in the affiliate portal.

    If you have questions or want more details about multi-leg options, please contact us at