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You've got options

Give your investments some legs. 17 of them to be exact.

Questrade now offers 17 pre-defined multi-leg option strategies, such as collars, calendars, straddles and strangles. Want something more exotic? Create a custom strategy with up to four legs. All are available in our Questrade IQ trading platforms.

What are multi-leg option strategies?

Option traders with a more advanced approach to the markets can use multi-leg strategies to simultaneously buy or sell a series of orders with only one commission (plus legs). They can be used to take advantage of increased leverage, speculate on future price movements, to earn income, to hedge a position (or an entire portfolio), or to lower the cost of purchasing a security.

For a comprehensive list of all available strategies, go to IQ news, and you can visit help and how to for more information.

To help you maximize your referral success, we've created new multi-leg option banners, which are accessible in the affiliate portal.

If you have questions or want more details about multi-leg options, please contact us at