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Introducing Canada’s lowest commissions

Did you know we have Canada's lowest commissions?

This is a big deal to us, and we suspect it would be a big deal to your audience too. Whether they are options or stock traders (or both), we have them covered with our active trader program for everyone -- the Questrade Advantage®. Not active traders? That's covered too with our democratic pricing.

Now here's the proof:

The 95¢ stock trade
The Questrade Advantage® is our active trader program. Register for an advanced market data plan, and your audience would get:

Stock trades are 1¢ per share (min 95¢ / max $6.95) OR $4.95 flat per trade
$6.95 option trades plus 75¢ per contract
Buy ETFs for free

The $4.95 stock trade
Democratic pricing. No matter how much you trade or the size of your portfolio, you get great rates and lots of freebies.

Stock trades are 1¢ per share (min $4.95 / max $9.95)
$9.95 option trades plus $1 per contract
Buy ETFs for free

Questrade clients can buy all Canadian and U.S. listed ETFs commission-free. When they're ready to sell their ETFs, they'll pay standard commission rates.

What is an ETF?

An ETF is a pool of assets (like a mutual fund) that's traded intraday on the major stock exchanges (like a stock). ETFs are rapidly gaining popularity, and it pays (literally) to discover why:

They offer a simple way to balance (and rebalance) a portfolio;
They give traders room to adjust their strategies to daily value fluctuations;
Their wide-ranging selection allows traders to create diversified porfolios;
Their MERs (management expense ratios) are lower than those of mutual funds.

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